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Terms and conditions of use

Terms and Conditions

Common Sense

The information and product details presented on this site are not meant to provide a diagnosis for a medical condition. If you have symptoms which you believe may relate to an undiagnosed condition, please see your healthcare professional before undertaking supplements for the treatment of any such condition.

If you are taking prescribed medication from your doctor, please call our Naturopathic Hotline (refer Contact Us tab for Phone number) if you are unsure as to any conflict with the medication, or discuss with your Doctor.

Product Availability

Our online store does not always provide a real time indicator as to availability of stock in our shops. If an item is unavailable, we will notify you by email. Most items can be restocked within 2 days. Where multiple items are in the order, the order will be held until all items are available.

If an item will be long term out of stock (more than 2 weeks), we will notify you by email.

You may choose to cancel your order in part or entirely if out of stock item delays are unacceptable to you.

Items not listed on our online shop are not available for online ordering and shipment.

Product Pricing

Pricing of products and discounts available will vary by brand and total order value and these offers can vary without notice. Where pricing on our site is incorrect for any reason or significant price increases occur, we reserve the right not to supply the products at that price. This would be communicated by email and you would be entitled to cancel the order.

Pricing in the online store is not available instore and vice versa.


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